A new city!

Today brought a new challenge, getting myself to Malacca.

This involved a train, a bus, another bus and following a map!

The journey was surprisingly OK, I had it all written down which proved v useful for checking I was going the right way!

The bus to Malacca takes just over 2 hours, but only goes to Malacca Sentral, about 20 mins out of town, so from there you need a local bus into town proper.

I think it would all have been fine, only 1 small hiccup on the way – me taking the wrong trainline to the bus station. My route would have worked but I didn’t have the ticket to do it and in fact was making the journey harder than it needed to be, so after retracing my steps and getting myself on a bus to malacca the final step was finding the local bus, but a lovely lady, Azila, who I was sat with on the bus helped me find the no17 at Malacca Sentral so saved me negotiating the bus station alone.

I arrived in Malacca in time for lunch, check in wasn’t until 2pm so it would have been rude not to stop and have a snackette….. I sat on the riverfront and had Mae Goreng – yummy.

*I do have pics of this and the rest of today but my tablet crashed so for now they’re hiding in the ether*

The guesthouse was a few minutes around the corner, so was there bang on time to check in. The Rooftop Guest House gets great reviews on TripAdvisor and quite rightly so! I stayed in the 4 bed dorm room for 25RM/night. Massive beds, big locker, power point and adaptors, fan and air con, towel, the only thing missing was individual lights, but really not the end of the world!

The facilities were good too. The hosts, Mani and Raymond, were both lovely and happy to chat. They provide you with an overly informative map with restaurant suggestions for different styles of food – I made full use of this! Also sights, bus stops, money changer – there wasn’t much map left with all the arrows!

Although they don’t officially provide breakfast Mani bakes every evening – cakes and sometimes bread- this is left on the kitchen along with fruit and jam and you’re welcome to help yourself to any thing you find there

There are also 2 rooftop terraces and a place for washing and drying clothes and a hairdrier!!!

The vibe in the dorm was very odd, I said a cheery hello to the 2 guys and was greeted with barely a grunt, so decided to have a snooze before heading out. The 4th person was a girl and she didn’t say anything either. They headed out individually without saying a word so decided it was just me to head to the night market. But on the way out I passed 2 guys, then decided to turn around and ask if I could walk with them into town – and they said yes! 2 lovely German guys, I stunned them with my grasp of their language, so we chatted in English (they needed the practice!)

Jonkers Night Market is one of the ‘must see’ things in Malacca if you’re there Friday-Sunday nights. China Town gets closed to traffic and the street fills with stalls selling an array of things all of which I managed to resist apart from a post dinner sugar cane juice.

We also sat for a while in the Geographers bar with a beer playing guess that tune being played by the man in the bar across the street – I did OK on the old ones where as my German friends were much better on the ‘modern’ stuff!!! Beer or any alcohol is pretty expensive there, about 15RM for a bottle of Tiger (£3), so we headed back to the guest house and picked up a beer for a more reasonable 7RM on the way. Decided it was time to bring out the collapsible pint glass Al gave me before leaving. The boys were most impressed! Work well, except all the condensation collects in the base of the glass and then tips over you as you drink!!

I headed for bed around 10pm and finally my room mate spoke – to ask we could turn the lights off! I was granted 5 mins to brush my teeth and come back, but then darkness was requested….


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