Batu caves and the towers

Wow, what a difference a breakfast makes!

Woke up today after a night of drunken Irish women trauma and headed for breakfast – today pasta, potato wedges and watermelon – a heady, but delicious mix!


On my 2/3 cup of coffee when a young man asked if I was sitting alone on purpose – I wasn’t and so he sat down and we talked – finally a friend! His plans were essentially the same as mine for the day so we agreed to keep each other company –  perfect, less chance of me getting lost today!

We successfully found the station and made it all the way to the caves. The sight that greets you as you leave the station is massive and unreal and considering it’s free to see is even more amazing.


There are 100 and something steps to the top where the caves actually are and by the time we’d walked up them all I was dripping with sweat. Thankfully there were lots of monkeys to stop and look at on the way so time for a sneaky breather (thanks really should go to Jel here for his good step work – sadly running up them was banned 🙂  )


There was some sort if ceremony going on in the first part of the cave, lots of drumming and piping and ringing of bells going on. Up another set of steps and there was the most amazing view, another temple/shrine(?) Underneath the massive limestone cave walls showered in sunlight coming in from above, was very spectacular. Also up there were pigeons (is there a country that pigeons don’t live in?) and even more oddly chickens – beats the Bermundian chickens hands down).


We spent ages up there listening and watching the ceremonies and people and chickens! Would have been good to sit and watch the world pass by, by the only bench was taken by 2 other tourists and they weren’t budging up for me….

The walk down was busier with even more monkeys. At the bottom we stopped for 100plus, looked around the little stalls and decided to head back to KL for some lunch.

I had yet another curry with 4 bread rolls (more like steamed dumplings!) was delicious though! But then it was time for an afternoon nap.


Headed out to the petronus towers in the evening. Came out of the tube and into a shopping center – my eye was caught by fresh fruit, even better granny smith apples – for a very reasonable 2.20RM. We then headed for the outside and for the first time in KL I couldn’t see the towers – we had to be near!

We walked round the corner and there one was – looked very different close up, almost didn’t realize we were right beside them! Took the obligatory photos and went inside the building – another massive, expensive shopping center, but with more ‘high street’ shops in the basement – Gap, Mango etc.


We had a wander and came across a food area, while Calvin went into a bakery for French pizza I was distracted by a roti shop, which didn’t sell Roti’s at all, but sweet buns – I have a vegetarian sausage one – also came with what I think might have been mayo and peas, and a coconut bun. Both delicious and less than 5RM in total – good job I’m not staying nearby!

More wandering and my eye was caught by water fountains outside, I dragged Calvin out to watch the spectacle….. Not as amazing as it could have been but we got a coffee from (shhhh please tell no one) Starbucks (amazing dark chocolate frappachino and something ridiculous like 15RM) and sat and watched the water and the towers slowly coming alive as the sun went down.


Then, something amazing happened, lights were turned on in the water and the fountains started up again! I think I subjected Calvin to another 10mins of an incredibly boring display before even I could take no more and we headed for home.


Having someone to spend the day with made such a difference. Seems strange to think we may never meet again, with him off to Fiji and me to Malacca, but you never know……


One thought on “Batu caves and the towers

  1. Emma! Love reading your posts, even more now that you are away and I can’ keep up with your travels. The photos and they was you describe things make me feel I am with you (which I am of course) Big kiss and keep them coming xxxx


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