First full day in KL – 7th November

Woke around 8 and hadn’t slept that well, but having 8hrs sleep during the previous day probably hadn’t helped…..

Had a nice cool shower, plenty of hot water but totally unnecessary! Got dressed choosing from my wide selection of clothes 😉 and headed downstairs for breakfast. Choice of noodles, scrambled eggs, watermelon and bread/toast with butter/jam and tea/coffee. Had noodles and melon with coffee, more coffee and then coffee and toast!

Decided to do a walking tour of China Town that’s in the guidebook that starts at the train station I got off at last night, so familiar territory.

Armed with book and water off I went. Discovered that I’d already seen some of the walk last night, then discovered that distances are far shorter than they appear – was looking at the map when a nice old man came to my assistance and set me back on track! Essentially I’d walked faaaaar too far and had to walk back to almost where I’d started and to something I’d spotted this morning and thought looked interesting – it was! It was the Central Market.

Had a wander around the stalls and stopped for a pineapple juice. Then headed back out to see the bits I’d missed, my first temples! 2 Chinese and 1 Hindu. Another of the sites to be seen was a shop with a cafe above, the shop still exists but no cafe, so I bought myself a book to keep a journal in instead.

Then found myself in the China Town markets where I was offered handbags and dvds. Then in the Wet Market where I was offered some fresh fish – I declined them all!

Ended back at the Central Market for lunch, picked up a 100plus on the way (amazing drink, tastes like Lilt). They have a food court upstairs so I picked a stall and went for Nasi Goreng was yummy but v salty.

More looking at the guidebook revealed I was close to Lake Gardens and all the stuff within, including a planetarium – fairly sure I’ve never been to one, so setting off feeling a tad Bill Bryson (read Down Under should give a clue) I headed out the back of the markets, over a dodgy looking bridge, through some building works and followed a covered walkway which led to old Kuala Lumpur station. The walkway was amazing as the monsoon season rain descended just as I reached it – so much rain, but dried in no time.

Was very close to the park but couldn’t quite work out where it was so hot, sweaty and a bit damp from the rain I popped into a fancy looking hotel to see where I was – v close!

First up was the National Mosque, shut until 3pm and it was 2.45pm. I’d already covered my shoulders in preparation, but the heat was crazy and from a guard talking to someone else you needed to cover your head too, so I continued on past the police museum to the planetarium. Was really good, all free unless you wanted to go in and see a show – really my only reason for going, but it was fab, worth the trip up the massive hill even if you missed the show. I’d just missed the 3pm show, so got a ticket for the last show of the day at 4pm. In the mean time I looked at all the displays, went up to the viewing deck, read about Malaysia’s space program – who knew? Brilliant display about getting their crew together, life on board and return to earth from International Space Station. Then it was time for the show from the coldest cinema ever. Thankfully I had a shirt and a scarf (wrapped around my legs) but was still cold! It was about the 2 Voyagers and their missions.

The show finished as the planetarium was closing so decision needed to be made, what to do next….. And in even more Bill Bryson fashion I spotted a sign pointing to the National Museum, I’d read a good review of it earlier so headed there. Another slightly dodgy looking stairway led there (I’ve decided all stairways look a bit dodgy here). Enroute it detoured via a car park containing 3 police people and 2 police horses – I said hello to one while checking I was heading in the right direction – I was!

The museum was 5RM to enter, ticket got, off I went. TBH after the review it was rather disappointing, but was interesting enough, all nicely laid out, labelled in English. Leading you through pre history, through colonial times to independence to today. I’d have rated the planetarium higher than this.

Again it was closing time, 6pm, the train station I’d arrived at yesterday from the bus was signed from the museum, so I followed them, again, dodgy path and building site, but the workmen must be used to bemused looking people as they waved me across the road and pointed the way. Sentral station is where everything intersects, lots of different lines run by different companies. I eventually found where I needed to be and got to the platform as the train was arriving!

Came out of the station and headed to the hostel, or so I thought, but the landmarks weren’t in the right place – the octopus, the KL tower, the HSBC building…. Also a market had appeared that wasn’t there yesterday….. Yep gone in totally the wrong direction out of the tube and ended up in Little India. Charming, but not the hostel and all I wanted by now was a sit down…

Finally got back, sat and tried to appear sociable but people clamped to phones/computers, so came upstairs to bed and did the same/had a snooze!

Now 9:50, new Irish girls have turned up and are v noisy, gone to bar now, but I fear for my sleep upon their return.

Have booked to stay another night here (tomorrow, so now leave here on Saturday) plan still to go to Malacca the old city (as I read all about in the museum!) Just need to organize it!

Plans for tomorrow are Batu Caves and Petronus(?) Towers.


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