The day has come

So the day dawned and maybe the prosecco and beer wasn’t the best combo last night for a 6am start…..

But, jobs to be done, ie finish packing….. My mission was to take only what fitted in my 44L rucksack… all has, but already I know I have packed too much! The scales at the airport said 13 kg and there is no room for anything extra! Solutions will be, eating all my Minstrels (from Helen), making friends and playing lots of games of `squares’ (amazing, thanks Al) using all my toiletries so I don’t have to carry them and throwing some of my pants away (my plan was the more I brought the less often I’d have to wash!).

Anyway, all packed, breakfasted (magic pancake – Jane’s fab recipe) and it was time to go……. Strange leaving the flat for the last time, walking to the tube with all the other commuters all going about their everyday lives, one that had been mine until last Thursday, my last day at work for 1 year. My replacement started on Friday, so even if I changed my mind about travelling for the next year, I had no job to go back to.

The tube was busy, but managed to get a seat at Kings Cross and my bf a few stops after that. The tube seemed to take forever, which was good in terms of spending times together, but not great for getting to the airport with time to spare!

We arrived just after 9 for my 10:50 flight, so for me probably about right – not a big believer in being there 3 hours ahead….

Checked in in no time and then it was time to say goodbye. How do you do that to someone you know you’re not seeing for over 3 months, someone who doesn’t really want you to go and despite the amazing adventure ahead you don’t want to leave behind? It turns out you say goodbye, have a cry, talk some more, cry more until you really need a wee and so have to go through security!

So waving until the very last second I left. The man at security told me and my damp/red eyes that it would all be fine, and who am I to argue?! I’m putting my trust in him.

I’ve dealt OK with my goodbyes up until today. First the bf, then a phone call from Jel, then a call from Nikki – my goodbyes to them yesterday were fine, but speaking on the phone was a whole other matter….. Had some lovely texts and emails to reply to which left me with no time to even browse duty free before boarding began.

I’m on an A380, all very exciting according to my mum, booked myself into an upstairs seat which means you have to walk through business class to get to your seats – so cruel.

To be honest I can see nothing different being up here, but, don’t know if its something specific to this plane or Malaysia Airlines, but most exciting thing I’ve ever seen on a plane – a camera mounted, probably on the tail, so you can see the plane taxiing to the runway, taking off and climbing into the clouds – stunning thing to see.

So far on board we’ve travelled 2540km, still have 8078km to go, I’ve had 3 tiger beers, some peanuts and a chicken curry, watched The Heat – lol funny and now watching Argo – they have fab films on this flight!

Its been an emotional few weeks saying goodbye to my lovely friends, realising all their life events I’m going to miss – sailing half way around the world, becoming parents, children starting to walk, finishing PhDs, starting new jobs and things we don’t even know are going to happen, but hopefully I’ll get to experience things they’ll feel they’re missing out on too!!

Time to go concentrate on the film, see you in KL!


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