I made it to KL!

Hurrah, I made it!

My first ever not taking the easy route of a taxi/friend. I had to find the bus station, well actually first I had to find my luggage – KL airport is to me a bit of a warren, found it eventually – you had to take a train there!

The bus station was equally as tucked away, was about to be pounced on by a ticket seller when I realized I wanted his bus, so smiles all round and with the equivalent of £2 I had my ticket for the 90 min journey to the city.

An uneventful trip on an air con bus. We passed the turn for the F1 circuit – I was excited, probably the only one as everyone else seemed to be a local. We arrived at what I assumed was our destination, got my bag and not knowing where to go decided to follow the majority of people and thankfully ended up at the required train station!

Was just 2 stops along for a bargainous 60p of air con travel and it was time to hit the streets for a 5min walk to my hostel, or 5 mins if you knew where you were going – none of the streets you need are signed, but I spotted it eventually and after arriving around 7.30, got to the hostel at around 10am ready to crawl into bed for a snooze which is exactly what I did!

Woke up rather confused around 5pm and decided I’d best go out while it was still daylight! There’s a mosque by the station, and the hostel if you go the direct route, so wandered past there and up to Merderka Square – where independence was declared – lovely bit of calm. Had a wander around, saw things I was sure was something but no idea what!
Was about to cross the road and head home when a local stopped to chat, told me about what I had been looking at and I was right, it was stuff! I politely turned down his offer to join him and a German friend for drinks and headed to find food I could be in the wrong place, but there’s not as much ‘street food’ here as I was hoping for, well none, but there was a place selling beef noodles that was busy, so I popped in there – they were super yummy!

Found the hostel no trouble this time, popped for a drink in the roof top bar – amazing view of the PetronusTowers, but everyone was in little groups so decided to head for bed!


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