Last PT in the park for a while :-(

So this morning dawned cold a damp, less than ideal for my last session with Jel and Nikki for a while. But we have too much fun to let something like weather to get in the way!

I’d brought my bike to the park but by the time I’d arrived my hands were freezing so went for the  running option instead. As ever what we did was a blur, but we ran, side stepped, high knee-ed and arm swung to warm up before moving on to lunge walking, squatting then combining the 2, one of us squatting against a fence until the other lunged to the next fence panel and started squatting,’we did this for ages then we got to lunge until we met the squatter, do 5 tricep dips on their knees and the continued lunging to the next panel.

Then for the first, and I suspect last, time Jel asked what my favorite thing was – as in to do in training – careful reply of boxing, arms on the TRX ( he makes us to plank to press up which both Nikki and I dislike!) And hitting the tyre with a hammer!!

We got to do all of this, and skipping, I managed 30 skips in a row – first time ever!

We went well over our hour, but it was fun, we stretched, said goodbyes, hugged and more goodbyes and it was time to leave.

Very sad not to be training with these guys for so long and I dread to think how unfit I’m going to be, but it’s going to be worth it!


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