PT in the park!

A second beautiful friday morning and I was ready for PT in the park with the lovely Jel.


We now had a system of me arriving before him and doing a couple of mini laps of Finsbury Park, firstly to keep warm and secondly to warm up! It worked I needed to shed my fleece!

We met up and I was sent off to do a couple of laps of the basketball courts while he sorted the ‘kit’ out for our session, my very squeaky brakes announced my return and we did some arm mobilisation stuff while contemplating what it would be like if walking around while swinging your arms in circles was the norm……

To be honest the session is somewhat of a blur, but involved my cycling in a v low gear doing a lap of the courts, then getting off to do various versions of sit ups/ab work, more cycling, kettle bell swings 1 or 2 or alternate handed, more cycling, using kettle bell as a weight above the head, 20 reps on my weaker arm then on my better side – i managed 15 on my right side until Jel assisted with the last 5. I discovered that it worked well on my left side to have a small chat with my arm to tell it what we were going to do as i managed to do all 20 unassisted…… Then more cycling followed by lying down and chest pressing the bell – the lighter one for 20 then heavier for 10 then lighter for 20 just for fun.

Finally we did what I’ve had called ‘haloes’ before where you hold the bell and make circles with it around your head – works your abs apparently, but I never feel it! Then I had to stir a pot of porridge with the bell 10x one way and 10x the other, and with a final lop of the courts it was time for a stretch.

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