Potentially my best ever London day

It started ordinarily enough, well, I say that, I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than needed, realised my mistake 18 minutes in and went back for a snooze! Met Nikki for breakfast, headed to work where I’m currently training up the replacement Emma for when I go away.

Work, Work, lunch, quick check on facebook and there was a post from an ex-BMFer friend asking if anyone wanted to go and see Tony Hadley at the Royal Albert Hall that evening….. er, hello, yes!!! Now some of you youngsters won’t know who he is, but he was in Spandau Ballet – a band from my youth! http://www.spandauballet.com/ So posted a hasty reply and couldn’t check back for 2 hours as I was busy, but the tickets were mine!

High excitement as to who to take, unbelievably all of my usual friends were out, playing korfball or at home at their parent’s.

My friend who had the tickets kindly came and met me at the tube near where I work and it was then I discovered that not only were they free tickets, they were free and sat in a box – A BOX at the ALBERT HALL!!!!!!! How often do you get to do that in your lifetime???

So I had to think laterally and find someone who would love this random crazy impulsive, last minute and lucky trip to the Albert Hall to see a man who was big in the 80’s? There was only 1 person I could call in this situation – young Mark – a lovely guy I used to work with until he went on to bigger and better things, but he’s been into the jungle to catch butterflies, dressed as a granny, a business man and best of all a spaceman to go drinking with his friends. He’s a fan of grrrrrrrr metal and is always up for fun.

So, the call was made, he was in, we were off to the Albert Hall and had 45 minutes to get there! I may have popped into Tesco for some beer (£2.50 for a bottle of water at the Albert Hall – I’d been warned!) but then was straight on the tube – it’s a long walk from South Kensington to the Albert Hall, but already excited as soon as I spotted it it felt time for a quick photo

Peeping in the background
Peeping in the background

Mark was about 5 minutes behind me and we scooted in a few minutes late, tickets scanned, up the stairs and located our box

Our box!!
Our box!!

But the door was locked! How fancy – to keep out the ruffians I’m sure. A key was located and we were allowed in – we had to share it with 8 other people, but we were sat at the front, so could have been all by ourselves!

Sneakily opened a beer each and waited for Tony

Our View
Our View

The concert was amazing, how could it not be in the Royal Albert Hall (in a box!). The first half was lots of songs he loved and wanted to sing accompanied by a band and an orchestra. The second half was Spandau Ballet hits – brilliant!

Second half set list
1. To Cut A long Story Short
2. Highly Strung
3. Only When You Leave
4. Musclebound
5. Round and Round
6. I’ll Fly For You
7. True
8. Through The Barricades
9. Toys
10. Chant No 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)
11. Lifeline
12. Fight For Ourselves

Really wish I'd had my camera
Really wish I’d had my camera

Encore: what else could it have been?? But even better than that – joined by Gary Kemp and John Keeble (other original Spandau members!!!!)
13. Gold

Gary Kemp on the right with what looks like a white guitar!
Gary Kemp on the right with what looks like a white guitar!

Only disappointing bit was that the other members of our box were quite sensible and so when others were up and dancing we felt we ought to behave and bop in our seats until Gold and then even only at the end….. there was a lot of singing though!!

All this doesn’t really explain why it’s my best ever London day. But weirdly Mark and I had the same thought. London is an amazing city, full of so many opportunities and I’ve done so much thanks to my wonderful, generous and random set of friends and yesterday just showed that. What was a normal perfectly nice day turned into an amazing one, giving me the chance to do something I’ll never get to do again thanks to some great friends and this city I’m lucky enough to live in

I’ll miss it and everyone in it when I go


2 very excited people - thanks Lou x
2 very excited people – thanks Lou x

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