My 200th post

As I remember my 100th post was about Borneo and having spotted my 199th post pop up I thought this could be a shameless plug for what started my real travel bug off and, of course, the reason I now have such an amazing buddy as Nikki

The Kinabalu Challenge is an event run by Crispin through Kukri Events, but offered through BMF when I spotted it a few years ago. I’d been after a challenge like climbing Kilimanjaro (I’d even bought a book about it) but then I saw this adventure and was signing up before I knew it. While Kili is a challenge, it’s a lot of time spent climbing and not much else. What appealed to me about Borneo and Kinabalu was the wide variety of things we got to do – running, cycling, white water rafting, sea kayaking, jungle trekking, helicopter ride and mountain climbing all in 6 days (the first day is spent learning how to do a lot of it – making a bed in the jungle, how not to fall out of your kayak – that kind of thing!!

My team before the first run

Anyway, it’s a wonderful trip, I made amazing friends, and over the past 2.5 years have been able to see, visit, fly to Bermuda to visit(!), enter Tough Mudder with, lend my Vespa to while I go away and now hopefully meet up in Cambodia with and see in Auckland

That’s my 200th post – take a look at the website and sign up – you won’t regret it!!


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