Shoe shopping – I’ve never had more fun!

Just found this post saved in my ‘drafts’ no idea how it got there and why it wasn’t posted, but better late than never!

I had the most fun day yesterday shopping for shoes – for once not trainers, but beautiful sandals!

I have wanted to treat myself for a few years now and finally yesterday took the plunge and took a trip to the Slinks studio which is right by me in North London.

Slinks ( are a brilliant concept – one base with many uppers, so you get lots of pairs of shoes but they take up hardly any space in your bag (or rucksack!)

Being at the studio is like being in a sweetie shop – so many choices! After chatting about what uppers I fancied but having no idea what colour base to go for I put myself in Jane’s expert hands as she pulled out some silver bases and a great selection of uppers

After nearly 2 hours of trying on various uppers, beaded, not beaded, some that tied with ribbons – all lovely, the time came to narrow the selection down…… Strangely what won out was not at all what I thought I wanted when browsing the website

First up I chose some sensible everyday ones for serious walking around – lovely Cecelia

Then, the uber fancy Lily of the Incas

Mixed in something I never thought I’d pick but love – Lady Ellen

And finally couldn’t resist a few more sparkles – Valerie Sparkle

Now I’ve re-found this post I’m happy to update to say I’ve loved wearing these over the summer, so comfortable, feel so fancy and have had compliments every time I’ve worn them – what more can a girl ask for?

As if to demonstrate how fab – a v posy shot taken by my bf at a lovely summer wedding




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