PT in the Park returns!!!!!!

Oh how good it was to be back out in the park?!

I had to cycle to the cash machine down the road to get some money for Jel and then into the park – my legs were aching and my heart racing just from that! So I was slightly worried as to quite how much fitness I’ve lost. Then did a couple of loops in the park that were slightly flatter and it felt great!

Jel arrived and after some mobilisation a massive tractor tyre was brought out along with a sledge hammer – firstly I had the pleasure of sitting on the tyre and standing up for 10, the 10 step ups on the tyre, then 10 sits, 8 step ups, etc down to 10 sits and 2 step ups. It certainly got my legs working!

Then the fun really started – me, a tyre and the hammer. It got hit from various angles and i loved it! Have discovered though that despite being left handed I’m much more coordinated with my right. Have also learnt to be wary of the hammer bouncing off the tyre (although it has made for an amazing bruise…..)

We then did some boxing and amazingly it was time to stretch…. Time flies when you’re having fun! Also spotted a beautiful rainbow as the sun came out after the rain

I do love being back outside and having fun


7 thoughts on “PT in the Park returns!!!!!!

    1. Hi!!! It is so good to be back out there, better if I could run, but I’m sure that will come…… How are things with you? Super busy in work so not had time to catch up on my reading yet


      1. hi emma… good to read from you and I am so glad you are on the mend… not running must be terrible… couldn’t imagine not being able to… still remember last year with the knee problem… 😦
        So be patient and soon you will be on the road again… clocking miles like mad… 🙂


      2. Thanks! It’s good to be out and about again. In theory have a half marathon to do on 1st December at Angkor Wat….. probably not run all of it, but I’m hoping to run some and then use the temples as an excuse to walk and take photos!


      3. well – that sounds like a plan to me… hopefully you will recover soon… and enjoy your trip…
        have fun and have a brilliant weekend…
        all the best from germany..


      4. Hi, hope you had a great weekend. Slowly recovering, too slowly! Not sure I’m going to be ready for the Angkor Wat half in a months time, but tbh I hope it will be the least of my worries!


      5. hi emma…
        sounds like you are still in a good bit of trouble with your injury… I am so sorry to read your comment about this… still – think of it this way… you come out the other side even better then you went in… meaning all will be good in the end…
        have a good trip – either way and enjoy your time immensely… let us know over time how you are getting on… that would be great…
        all the best from germany… – jurgen


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