Tetris – my youth was not mis-spent!

So, things are getting real now.

On 5th November I have a flight booked to take me away from the UK for anything up to a year. My first stop is Kuala Lumpur and from there I’m heading to Cambodia, then Laos in time for Christmas! Then back to KL to fly to New Zealand, then Oz, to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines back to KL to do the east coast out of monsoon season, then back to Laos for a proper explore and then who knows!!

This week has taken the ‘this is really happening’ thing to another level, after months of thinking/talking about going away, this week stage one of ‘decant my life to my parents house’ has begun.

Sunday I came home in preparation to take my mum to the dentist on Monday morning, I think this was part of the deal for me borrowing my dad’s car! Car duly driven back to London – amazing massive turbo diesel estate thing – so quick!

Tuesday was spent packing, very sad to see the flat I share with my bf emptying – its gone all echo-y now my books are no longer on the shelves.

Wednesday morning, up at 7am to pack the car before the parking restrictions kicked in at 8.30 – much running up and down the stairs with boxes, but it was done and I moved the car to a parking area I have a 2 hour voucher for – and breathe – after Vera getting a £40 fine recently I didn’t want another one. 2 hours to eat and get ready and open cupboard doors to find a few more things that needed putting in the car!

Bombed back up the A1 to my parents and after a brief sit-down decided to unpack the car before the rain started! They had cleared a space in the cupboard under the stairs for me. Now I spent hours playing Tetris when I was younger and I think it’s the only reason I managed to get everything packed under there stairs – lots of differently sized boxes just seemed to fit in there – was so pleased with my efforts!

Now all that’s left is to travel to Birmingham where I used to live and collect some stuff I never took when I moved to London 5 years ago! Kind of thinking I’ve lasted this long without it hopefully most of it can go to charity, but I’m not great at letting go of things……

But that’s for next week

Today. A train trip back to London in the pouring rain awaits. I’m going to get back and sleep, I’ve had a week off work now and not a single lie in


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