NHM Wildlife Garden


I am such a lucky girl. I am spending my Saturday looking after the sheep in the Wildlife Garden at the Natural History Museum in London.

I volunteer in the garden and over the summer we have sheep – 3 in fact – Honey, Bella and Bee.

They have a meadow to roam around, access to the chalk downs that have been created here and a lovely shed for sleeping in at night.

This morning I walked though the museum before it was open to the pubic – so quiet and how empty the main hall was – apart from one rather large dinosaur!


The sheep heard me coming, I could hear them getting ready to head for the meadow as I arrived.

This is their hut, and we had time for a quick photo before I fully opened their gate



Once in the meadow they immediately started eating – they rarely seem to stop! One of them started to have a good scratch against one of the trees and out the corner of my eye I spotted a fox running away – sad not to have had a chance to get a better look.

Once the sheep seemed settled I headed to the hut where the office is. I was contemplating a cup of tea when the birds on the bird feeder caught my eye – Some really pretty goldfinches while on the floor eating the bits they’d dropped was a mixture of squirrels and tiny mice – tried and failed to get any pics, they move far too quickly!

Did manage to get a good cluster (what do you call a group of mushrooms?) of mushrooms


I was then joined by 2 guys from the front of house here to keep an eye on visitors to the garden. One of them made me this


Any ideas what it’s made from?

More later, I’m off to check they’ve not escape!


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