A trip to the gym

I have been a right grouch/misery this last week or so. Unable to exercise and in pain does not make for a happy Emma

On Friday I tried going for a swim, who knew you needed your feet for that? Or at least who knew how much pressure was put on your foot to move water? This was meant to be the problem solver to my woes, Jel had even sent me a pyramid of swimming to do, but as the swimming went on so did the pain.

Yesterday the bf and I went to the gym. Nikki and I had thought through what I could do in the gym without putting any pressure on my foot. So I did some leg curls and presses on the weight machines, then moved onto arms, this did involve my feet being on the floor, but I tried not to put too much pressure on them. Chest press, shoulder press and low row – managed to upset my bf by being able to ‘low row’ the same weight as him – he upped it by 5kg to 45kg to try and out do me…… It didn’t work!
Then I moved on to abs +/- a medicine ball.

Sadly though by the time I left the gym my foot was in pain again – I was gutted as being there and exercising again felt so good

So back to the sofa for more foot resting non-action

Missed out on a pre-wedding BBQ and a visit to see Nikki’s boat this weekend
Not up there yet, but sure it will be soon – less than 1 week until the Clipper Round the World Race begins http://nikkiandthewaves.tumblr.com/


2 thoughts on “A trip to the gym

  1. MikeW

    I am sorry for your injury and interruption. Just interacted with a few folks about plantar fasciitis pain, and one study shows good results with dry needle acupuncture. This has also worked well on those with Achilles tendon injury. You might research it a bit and see if any acupuncturists in your area do it. Maybe you already have and ruled it out, I don’t know. All the best in your recovery.

    I’d be interested to hear what works for you in adapting to your injury and training. Is there a foot brace or wrap you could use to immobilize the injured structures so you can do rounds on a heavy bag and speed bag?


  2. Just saw this. So sorry. Injury seems to be as much a part of running as running is. Is cycling any use? Or swimming? I do both when my feet act up, though it`s not plantar fasciitis in my case, more painful ligaments.


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