A week of rest and no improvement…….

Not a happy bunny, hate not being able to exercise

Did a non-running session with Jel where just did weights, trx, kettlebells and boxing, but just the pressure of standing and maintaining my balance whilst doing the exercises were enough to cause more pain in my foot

Have been Vespa-ing to work, making sure I walk the minimum I have to during the day and sitting with my feet up on he sofa while my bf cooks me dinner most evenings and still no improvement

I am resorting to trying swimming as a way of getting some exercise with hopefully there being no impact on my foot. I was meant to go this morning, but couldn’t face it – my foot had been extra sore when I went to bed and was still painful when I woke up.

After a stern text from Nikki just now (I’ve been very whingy and moany and generally miserable of late!) I am going to go tomorrow and see what happens…… Jel has even sent me a little swimming pyramid to do along with telling me to do some planks and some dips – in the pool or on the side I’m not sure!

Needless to say I didn’t run in the Cheddar Gorge half marathon – but Nikki did and that deserves a post of its own


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