Injured, again…… 5th metatarsal ligament damage……

Hmmmm, so when will I learn?

After such a fun day on Saturday I woke up on Sunday to my foot feeling sorer than before…..
Spent the day hobbling around – the pain was now leaving my foot and radiating up my leg…. I finally admitted that maybe I was injured rather than having a ‘niggle’.

Thankfully on a Monday morning I work in a hospital and so after some discussion on Facebook the night before as to what might be wrong – the best place for advice I find! I’d been advised by a friend in South America (who I met in Borneo) to go to a minor injuries unit…..

The picture used for diagnosis - accurately as it turned out!
The picture used for diagnosis – accurately as it turned out!

At UCLH we don’t have one of those, but I popped into A+E on my way to work and discovered that they have essentially a GPs surgery out the back with their own x-ray machine! So I was seen by a nurse in A+E and referred straight away. I popped in and asked if they could call me when it was my turn (there was a 50minute wait) so I headed upstairs and started work.

An hour later I was called, popped downstairs, had a lovely chat with the lady who suspected either a stress fracture or ligament damage (thankfully although she asked how much I ran etc she didn’t ask if I’d run on it recently……). Off I popped for my xrays and thankfully (I think) there was no sign of a fracture, so just ligament damage…..

I’m prescribed rest rest and more rest, putting my feet up as soon as I get home and resting
This all sounds great, but is there nothing I can do to exercise? 2 days on and I’m getting not having exercised-related cabin fever


12 thoughts on “Injured, again…… 5th metatarsal ligament damage……

    1. Not sure about cycling, will give it a go and I HATE swimming….. but it might be the only option.

      And thanks! I got pretty new sandals and thought I should make the effort


      1. gee that is too bad… however better hang on a couple of days longer… resting can be a pain as well… 🙂 hope you get better soon…


      2. Poor you… the rest however will do you good… and you come out stronger… you will see…
        Aren’t you going travelling soon…
        btw… missed the reschenseelauf once again this year due to work… however next year it is on – 100 %


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