Summer Exhibition and Triathlon

Saturday was a busy day

Firstly I met a friend at the Royal Academy to go and see the Summer Exhibition – AMAZING!

I really wish I’d gone to this before – I’ve been in London for 5 years and it’s never crossed my mind to go…… It closes on 18th August – if you get a chance – go!!

We spent over 2 hours looking at the art – some amazing, some (in my opinion) rubbish and some downright odd. You can buy the pieces on show – the prices range from about £80 to over £100,000
I saw a beautiful picture of the sea and the sky, but it was sold £350, I would have bought it…….

You could buy a cat sculpted by Tracey Emin, some people were very excited to see it, I thought it looked like it had been made from plasticine by a 4 year old – selling for £180 – so what do I know??

I left the Royal Academy with less than 1 hour to get back to Finsbury Park to change and get Harry dressed for what is now the annual Boats, Bikes and Bipeds mini triathlon run by Jel and BMF

Thankfully the tubes were running on time and I made it with 15minutes to spare….
Harry looked amazing in his costume – it’s fancy dress (optional) but as the Finsbury Pirates had won the ‘best costume’ prize last year we were determined to win again – there was no way we were winning the race!!!!

Pirate Harry
Pirate Harry

As a team we had to sprint to the boats, row a lap of the lake, run 2 laps of the park, cycle 2 laps of the park, row another lap of the lake, blow up 10 balloons, stuff them under our clothes, run a lap of the lake then burst all 10 balloons to finish!

After a quick warm up from Josh, we were off to the start line

Warm up
Warm up

True to form, this year, as last, we were woeful at rowing….. our 2 team mates Helen and Dave doing the rowing had been to Central Park and rowed there as practise!! And still we were last round…..

Pirates casual departure
Pirates casual departure

Dave rowed first, then I ran 1 lap, Al ran the 2nd, then Rod cycled 2 laps (he was the only 1 that owned a bike!!) and finally Helen rowed the last lap (somewhat better than Dave I’d say)
We managed to gain 1 place with the rowing so we didn’t come last!!

The balloons added an extra element of fun – we drew a few looks running aorund the lake

Heading for the finish
Heading for the finish

We had prizes and medals this year – I’m very happy to report that we won best costume again!!!

Al, me, Jel, Dave, Helen and Rod. Harry was busy playing!
Al, me, Jel, Dave, Helen and Rod. Harry was busy playing, but you can spot his tail!

It was a great event, as well as teams from Finsbury we also had them from Clapham, Hyde Park and Enfield. Some took it more seriously than others, but everyone had fun and celebrations in the pub lasted well into the evening…… Sadly Harry wasn’t allowed in the pub, but it was a good excuse to take myself home before I had too too many beers!!

A brilliant event
A brilliant event

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