PT with Jel (but no Nikki)

I am a silly girl…… still with an aching foot I turned up to my PT session with Jel on Friday – as a treat we had it at 9:15 rather than 7:15 – me having a week off and Nikki away sailing we decided on a lie in!!


We started the warm up and as we were jogging along Jel said he was going to check out my running form….. it was then I had to admit that my foot was sore and so wasn’t running properly – he told me off for not telling him it hurt… I said I was prepared to take the consequences, but from then on we barely did any running……


Instead we had an ash pole and 2x 4kg medicine balls


Jel was back on his mission to make me ache, and was Nikki wasn’t around to protect me, he went for it – reps on the arms with a chest and shoulder press first without any weight (just the pole) then with the medicine balls (one wither end) then with no weight – we were doing 3 sets, but then as I seemed to still have another set in me, I got to do 1 more….. what people must have thought – by the end I could barely hold up the pole – right wimp there, unable to hold a broom handle in front of her…..

Then we moved onto breaking my abs – that was really good, they did start to hurt at the time….

We also did some squats with the pole/balls and other stuff that I don’t remember!

There was some lunging with the medicine balls and some squats, some swinging like they were kettlebells

Squat jumps – properly for once, landing with bent knees and going straight into the next one (I think the not running meant my legs had more in them for once!!)

There were also some pulls ups with over and underhand grip

And a little bit of sprinting on the spot to finish – 10 seconds sprinting, 10seconds jogging – I made myself do an extra set as I slacked off on what should have been the last one!!


It was a really great session, loads of fun. Happily for Jel my arms were hurting the following morning – abs still need more work though!!


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