4th BMF session, cooler but no easier

I spent a lot of Tuesday trying to decide whether it was sensible to go to BMF or should I just got to the gym for another cycle?

The dilemma was made trickier as it was Jel’s birthday with drinkie poos afterwards, felt as though I couldn’t really go for drinks if I hadn’t gone to class (this is a rule I’ve invented in my head. No one would have cared)

Thankfully the dilemma was solved at lunchtime when a fellow BMF-er texted to see if I was going, so responded before I could wimp out that I was! I kind of reasoned that we don’t run ‘that far’ in a session and it would be fine…….

At the start of a session we line up in 2 ranks and jog on the spot, the trialists get a warm welcome and then things begin. Last night though we got to sing a Happy Birthday to Jel before the session began

We all warmed up and then us blues got to separate off when the reds and greens had their break down

We got Charlie – you’re never in for an easy session with him and he’s red hot on good form and tonight was no exception – we did the plank for 30 seconds, but every time he spotted someone with bad form we had to start those 30 seconds again…… And of course it got harder every time! Right at the end of the session we had to do a mini circuit – just 5 mins of work (apparently)

Sprint to first tree
5 burpees
5 press ups
5 military somethings- lie on your front, stretch your arms out in front of you then stand up
Sprint back to start

Then out to 2nd tree, repeat
Then to 3rd and 4th trees….. Killer

Then we were allowed to stretch! I was so hot I had to take my bib off in an effort to cool down!

As ever it was a great class and it’s always good to be pushed…. But somehow never feels that way at the time!

After the late class few of us met up for birthday drinks, Harry came along and he was happy to be reunited with his old friends – and for the record he tells me he does like Jane far more than Catherine


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