Week off work and Harry’s back!

I have this week off to start sorting out my worldly belongings before going travelling in what on Monday (today) is 3 months time……..

As I had a week at home I thought I’d see if Harry could come and stay, and sure enough he could while his new owner escapes to Glasgow!

In case you have no idea who Harry is, this is him, a lovely laid back, tennis ball obsessed cockerpoo


But he doesn’t arrive until this evening..

After letting my lunch go down I took myself to the gym for a cycle – foot still sore so this seemed to be a good non-impact cardio exercise to be doing. Also I can watch my iPad at the gym and it makes the time fly by!

Last week Sunday Brunch ( a morning tv cooking/chat show on channel 4) were planning on celebrating best friend day (apparently a day invented by Hallmark as an excuse to buy cards! Always the first Sunday in August) so I sent in a photo of Nikki and I stretching after one of our PT sessions. I saw everything but the first 20mins on Sunday, but excited to hear we were on there, so sat and watched it on 4OD while I was cycling! There we were 6 minutes in – Julia Bradbury thinks we looks like sisters!


After that excitement I moved on to watching my favourite episode of Black Books – series 3 the one where it’s Book Week in the shop, Fran goes on a hen party and Bernard and Manny decide they will write a children’s book – so funny, but I’ve decided not suitable for the gym….. It’s laugh out loud funny, I may have got a few funny looks

My 50mins on the bike flew by, went up and down a few hills, so it was a good workout

Home in plenty of time for Harry’s arrival


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