Saturday morning pain

So by the end of my run on Friday my right foot (it’s always something with my right hand side) was niggling. I just put it down to my body being tired from the accumulation of the previous few days of exercise.

Come Saturday morning it was more than a niggle, definite ‘issues’ mostly involving hobbling around and my foot seizing up every time I stopped and then having to start the hobbling to get going again. The pain is on the outside of my foot, kind of the bony bit along from my little toe. Not great as I had a run planned for Sunday, tried to work out if my shoes had rubbed, but definitely internal pain rather than rubbing.

I spent the day, when I was wearing shoes, wearing my old big cushioned trainers, thinking maybe it’s something come on from over exercising in my vivos, but to be honest it didn’t make a diffence to the pain when I walked.

We went to see Iron Maiden at the O2 that evening and was very glad we had seats! Seats and an amazing view – was a brilliant night.

Sadly it happened to be the first Sunday Chi Running club I was free for in months, but Sunday morning arrived and my foot was no better, so decided to rest it some more, that and we’d drunk a few beverages on Saturday night and running club has a 9am start!


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