Friday’s run – Regents Park

Turns out that BMF last night was a mistake, or attempting to run 6 miles on the back of PT and BMF was the mistake!

Nikki and I met at Great Portland Street tube and headed for Regents Park and then into the area around Primrose Hill and up the hill!

Although today was about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday it was still warm to be running. By the time we were at the top of Primrose Hill the was a certain resemblance to tomatoes, hot, sweaty, panting tomatoes…..

The view is amazing though – must remember to take my phone next time

We the ran around the park bit of Primrose Hill before heading back to run around the rest of Regents Park, my legs by this point were shattered, muscles not aching, but tired from the exercise of earlier this week.

We’d almost finished our lap of the park and we’d done just over 4 miles, decided to keep going and try to get to 6, but soon became apparent that I couldn’t go that far, so we reached a point where Nikki could carry on and I headed back to work….. Disappointing, but actually quite happy that I did mange to get to 5 miles once I’d got back to work.

Nikki did at least 6/6.5 so super proud of her. She’s off sailing again next week so will be back running by myself 😦 but then we’ll be reunited for our last week of training before the Cheddar Gorge half marathon!!


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