BMF – hot hot hot

Deary me, crazy weather, heathrow hit over 33 degrees and there we were in thepark at 6pm with the weather not that much cooler

I requested that we got to play sleeping lions or statues, but received a no from both instructors

After a fun breakdown we were treated to Josh as our instructor for the evening – I know I say it about all the instructors, but Josh is fab, always fun and managed to make sure that all of us, whatever our ability, was working hard (and in the shade as much as possible!)

I’d had some discussion with Nikki as to whether doing BMF was wise as we’d planned a 6 mile run for Friday lunchtime, but as I’d agreed to go to First Thursday Drinks with BMF buddy Helen it would have been wrong not to go to class!

Class was great, but we did a lot of squats, with each one I was thinking how this was going to affect my legs the following day – I could have not done them properly to try and preserve their energy for Fridays run, but that’s not me, if I’m there to exercise then I’m going for it and doing it right……

First Thursday Drinks were as fun as ever – caught up with friends I’d not seen for a while – love that people who aren’t currently bmf-ing (like I used to) still turn up for drinks. My bf goes and he’s never done a BMF session – despite my attempts to persuade him!


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