Mixing it up – Wednesday was PT in the park!

Wednesday morning brought PT in Finsbury Park. Jel has gone to the Lake District for the weekend so we had to train earlier in the week than normal.

Compared to recent temperatures it was relatively cool, so that was a bonus, we did however warm up rather rapidly once we’d started!

Normally we leave our stuff in the BMF lock-up, but as Jel’s going away we didn’t have the keys, so Jel’s rucksack and Nikki’s had to come around the park with us…..

Rather excitingly, during the warm up, I spotted a green woodpecker!

We started doing exercises on a patch of grass, but the bugs were everywhere so bug spray was applied – it appears that it has a life span, less than 2 years for Jungle Formula…. I got 2 bites, Jel got some and Nikki got 7 nasty ones – bug spray lesson learnt.

Then there was running around with the rucksacks on – Jel had us ‘tabbing’ which if you’re northern means having a cigarette, but if you’re in the army means running with your pack on as fast as you can but not sprinting…. Some how we got on to carrying guns while doing this running, Nikki found a stick and on we went, then I got jealous and found one of my own. Chat about not getting rain down the barrel ensued – it passed the time and I suspect 2 women running around the park carrying sticks raised some smiles!

We ran around the park until we came to a nasty hill….. We then proceeded to sprint up it – me setting off a few seconds before Nikki so that she had to catch me up. Hard, but not as hard as running all the way up the hill as we did to ‘finish off the session’, it kind of goes up and then up around a corner – killer

Then as far as I remember it was back for a stretch… I’m sure we did more exercises between the running, but can’t remember what!


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