A belated PT in the park post

Well, Friday seems a life time away now, my main memory being that I decided I’d done too many days of exercise in a row without a rest day and that the left hand side of my lower back was hurting.
As seems to be the way now the time flew by – Nikki and I were in a very chatty mood which I think helped us get through!
Nikki had requested that we didn’t do too much leg work as she was doing the London Triathlon (http://www.thelondontriathlon.co.uk/ ) the following day, but had told Jel that I’d done an abs session with her the day before and wasn’t hurting, so he took up the baton the abs class man had dropped and did a mega-abs session with us – they hurt at the time, but have been fine ever since!!
We also used the TRX for the first time in ages to do some upper body stuff and we got to do some boxing (my favourite!) We do the TRX stuff with it attached to a climbing frame in what is supposed to be the children’s playground, but in the mornings is used by adults doing pull ups, using the monkey bars and allsorts that the kids make look so easy if you watch them later in the day! Friday morning the squirrels were also making it their playground 4 or 5 of them playing chase and climbing where we were TRXing – a welcome distraction that’s for sure
The play area has a fab spongy surface and it’s covered in sand from the sandpit, so after we’d done our stretching there, while it was comfy to lie on, Nikki and I looked like we’d had a day at the beach!

How did Nikki do on her first triathlon?? I hear you ask, well, I’m so proud of her – after discovering that people really did try to drown you during the swim and ‘losing’ her bike during the 1st transition – she did what she set out to do – finish under 2 hours! And after a few more runs with me, sailing a quarter of the way around the world (https://www.clipperroundtheworld.com/), she’s going to do another one – she’ll be back more determined than ever!

Total Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
01:56:14 00:21:53 00:06:38 00:51:24 00:04:06 00:32:15

Oh and I promised a tomato picture last week – here you go – as grown on my balcony!



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