Thursday – hmmmmm……. A trip to Nikki’s gym

So Nikki and I usually meet for breakfast on a Thursday morning. We were then going to go for a run in preparation for Cheddar, but instead we went to Nikki’s gym – something we’d been talking about for ages but never done anything about

July at Fitness First means that you can take a friend for free, which is what Nikki did.

We arrived at the gym and I was somewhat nervous – Nikki has been trying to get her own back ever since Jel has been trying to make me ache! She requested a special 15 minute abs class, this was agreed, but first we had to go and do 20mins of cycling. Nikki is doing her first triathlon on Saturday so she needed a cycle, I just played along, until 20mins in when I got bored and also my feet in my vivos were not happy – the feet holders are designed for more ‘padded’ shoes

We then did a 15min abs class. Nikki has always been crippled by these, she’s very disappointed that I wasn’t and still am not! The class was fun, just not the crippling pain I was expecting!

As w had a few minutes after the abs we did some kettle bells with me trying to demonstrate the ‘clean’ to Nikki. I think we got the eventually, lots of chats about zippers and thumbs……

Eventually it was time for a stretch and to say goodbye – working out with someone is always so much more fun, if only we’d known about the July deal sooner


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