Wednesday, a double whammy of Willpower and Grace and Chi running club

Well that was a mammoth session W+G started at 6:30 and running ended at gone 9pm.

The Willpower and Grace class was busier than last week, there were about 10 of us. The instructor filmed herself this week as her submission to progress to the next level as a W+G instructor – explains the 2 weeks of free sessions!

It’s a fun class but the same every week and although she gave us the harder options of the exercises we were all doing them, which as it was only my 2nd class ever makes me wonder how long I’d stick it out long term…..

But the class was tiring, lots of lunges and squats, not ideal before going for a run!

Gray was a sweetie and waited for us to finish the class before starting the running club. We did some posture exercises focusing on the spine and some drills for the hip flexor -something my bf has issues with.

For the run we decided to go out and back along the parkland walk, just over 3 miles from and to the gym.

The focus was on the hip flexor, feeling its extension as we ran and also maintaining along spine – my issue when I get tired (as I was after the willpower and grace class)

The parkland walk is a very gentle up hill that I was running at the high end of chatablility, but once reaching the end at Highgate it’s a chance to turn around and run all the way back – downhill!

Whenever I run with Gray there’s always a new bit of the Chi running that clicks – last night it was something that saves energy – my kind of running! With Chi walking you’re encouraged to take shorter strides/steps to maintain 90/min but also to leave the heel on the ground for as long as possible.
This is the same with running, the idea being you leave the heel on the ground a second long so that you ‘stretch’ the hip flexor as you run – by doing this you stretch the hip flexor back, but it allows the leg to naturally spring back to under the body and so using no energy to return it to the ‘neutral’ position. Bit like the arm swing – swing the arm back, but allow it to spring forward naturally as part of the muscle recoil.

This was also the first time I’d run properly ‘off road’ in my vivos – the parkland walk is particularly gravelly/stoney especially since we’ve had a lot of rain, this is where the proprioception of barefoot running really became apparent – stones hurt! Gray assured me that I’d get used to it and also that my feet would respond in a way that would make me recoil from the painful stones!
It was a fun run and we ended up back in the gym with Gray trying to sort out my bf’s posture, me stretching while they chatted and we discussed grilled hallumi with watermelon – Gray’s food of choice – sounds amazing! Gray’s dinner is also a common source of Wednesday night chit chat – his food always sounds so yummy!


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