Second BMF session done!

I was sweating before I’d even arrived in the park, just missed a rain shower as I left work, and hot and sticky once I was out of the tube, home for a quick change and out.

Put a blue bib on again – determined to be a red again before my 6 sessions are up…….

2 trialists again this evening (you can have a free session before you sign up!) they’d picked a slightly better evening than I did last week.

We all warmed up together and then much to my delight the Blues were sent off with Josh. He’s one of my favourite instructors – his sessions are always hard but good fun.

Thankfully there were no big hills this week, so my feet were safe in their vivos!

As ever the session was a blur, but there was definitely some Top Gun high 5ing, a Mexican wave of sit ups and a ‘fun’ set of burpees…. The instructors at Finsbury Park are very keen on good form so Josh broke the burpee down and made sure we did them extra properly – makes them hurt far more far more quickly – he’s so good to us

By this time we’d been joined by 2 littles girls dressed all in pink, they joined in the exercises along side us – able to do the burpees far too easily for our liking!!

They stayed to do the next set of exercises too – in pairs, a relay of out to a cone, 8 press ups, back to start and your partner goes, then out to the cone 8 press ups, on to next cone, 8 sit ups, swap with partner, finally 8, 8 and next cone and 8 burpees…. Always competitive, but even more so as the girls in pink were still with us!

Finally we did a mini triathlon in tribute to the 1 year anniversary of the opening of the Olympics. Front crawl, cycle and sprint!

Then it was over, a walking stretch back towards the hut, some stretches on the grass and we were done

Pushed myself hard today and so finally this week – sweating for a good reason!

Oh and I was right, the trialist from last week had signed up!


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