Friday Fun – PT in the park

It’s like Jel had heard us talking…… I was meeting up with some BMF buddies in the pub last night (just for a soda water and black – nothing exciting) when we were discussing the ‘fun’ we had when Jel took us for a Tough Mudder (or Fluffy Mudder as he calls it) training session
We had the ash poles and tyres out, running around carrying them and using them as weights…..

The Fluffy Mudder gang
The Fluffy Mudder gang

Guess what we did this morning?? 6 tyres and 2 poles between us – this was never going to be easy! Not easy, but thankfully even by the time I walked back home most of it was blanked out

We ran with 1 pole through three tyres – a pole in each hand, me and the front and Nikki at the back stretcher stylee for what seemed like a very long way (tyres are heavy), then did some warm up stuff – it’s come back to me in a flash – Nikki faffed with her shoe lace – we did 3 burpees, then I did mine just touching the laces as a joke, another 6, Nikki needed to tie her leggings up, 12, then the other lace, 18 burpees – let me say that again 18…… that’s a lot and we were still just warming up
The rest is a blur of squats, then using the poles as a weight lifter would with more/less (or fewer?) tyres on depending on what we were doing while one of us ran around a triangle of grass, then lifting together, then started some ab stuff and our hour was over – we must have done more than this as that was 60mins and we’d still not stretched…….

So we loaded the poles/tyres again and walked back to the hut where we had for a good old stretch and some photos…… enjoy

Nice Glute stretch
Nice Glute stretch

Oh and check out the Vivo buddies!

Until someone toppled us over
Until someone toppled us over
Almost my favorite bit of the morning - last stretch before the high-5s
Almost my favorite bit of the morning – last stretch before the high-5s

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