Cheese is gorge-ous, but are we ready?

(sometimes I amaze myself with my wit……)

Nikki and I breakfasted this morning and realised that the Cheddar Half Marathon is looming – I think we’d both kind of ignored the fact that it was in the calendar as we’d focussed so hard on Tough Mudder and then Nikki on her sailing that August was a far off destination…..

This morning though we faced up to the reality and booked in some runs for us to do between now and then! Being the social butterflies that we are….


Weekend training is pretty much out so it’s getting fitted in to lunch times and around other commitments. Not the best training for a super hilly half marathon, but I think we’ll focus on the ‘fun’ and be more prepared (?) for the Helly Hansen run in September

I’m hoping though that the combination of runs, BMF and Jel sessions we’ll be ready to take it on – 13.1 miles is nowhere near as far as 26.2 and I managed that with less than ideal training and a cold the week before…..

Doing my BMF session on Tuesday has reminded me how much faster my running used to be when I regularly did the classes – they push you to run faster than you’re comfortable doing – not over massive distances, but far enough – kind of fartlek type training. I got my mins/mile down form 10min/mile to 9 just through BMF and no other speed work – got me to my first sub 2 hour marathon time – very proud moment for me – in my mind that’s a ‘good’ time. I know it’s not amazing and people can go way faster, but I’ve never seen myself as a runner, still don’t really – never joined a running club as I don’t think I’m good enough….

Anyway, plans are laid; we will be totally ready for Cheddar come 18th August…….
scroll down for the ½ marathon route and the contour lines!


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