PT in the Park

Well, getting out of bed was no fun this morning. I was still in pain from the Chi Running Club, but knew that would be no excuse for wimping out of PT…..

Sure enough it wasn’t, Jel said all I needed to do was warm up and I’d be fine, and much as it pains me to say it, he was right….. we did lots of leg stuff, but it hurt, the lactic acid built up twice as quickly as usual, but saying that I have never been a fan of bunny hops, even worse doing them up and hill and with already aching legs on top of that it wasn’t a recipe for joy

Thankfully the 2nd half of the sessions focussed on arms – using the open-air gym equipment they have in Finsbury Park but with added ‘Jel resistance’ and then some boxing – my favorite thing in the world, well, exercise wise!

And then it was all over, far too quickly, as ever.

Several hours later, I still ache, I’m still hobbling and I feel like I’ve rubbed the end of my toes on my vivos…. if it wasn’t such a long reach to check I would have.

Off to London Zoo Lates after work, I’ll check my toes when I get home and am sat on the sofa!


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