First long(ish) run in Vivos

I was brave last night and decided I was going to Chi-running club and running in my vivos – the first proper run outside in them ever!

This may have not been the best idea as Gray decided he was going to make us all do a little circuit to tire our legs so we could feel what it was like to run on tired legs while maintaining our form…….

It made me realise that I don’t think about form at all when I train with Jel (apart from when I’m running), that’s not true, I think about certain aspects of the technique but not about posture, alignment etc. It makes the exercises twice as hard!!

Our circuit consisted of 1min exercise 30sec rest.

lunge walk with 2x 8kg kettlebells
kettlebell swings 12kg kettlebell
squats with a ViPR and an overhead lift
see picture – what seems to be called a slide – except we were taking the top end of the ViPR all the way to the ground with a squat/lunge thing

ViPR 'slide' (borrowed from their website)
ViPR ‘slide’ (borrowed from their website)

It was all about the exercise but ensuring we maintained good form while doing it – neutral spine, shoulders down and relaxed, kettlebell swings coming from the core, squatting properly – so much to remember!!

We did a practise circuit and then 2 proper ones – this really got my hamstrings and glutes, but it was the warm up that got to my calves – just nice and simple jumping on the spot. I suspect it was due to the difference between doing it in vivos rather than cushiony trainers – jumping so my heels also touched the floor really stretched them out

Then we were off for our run – a lovely evening, still warm from the sunny day but definitely cooled down a lot! We went out to Clissold Park and back – there’s a path around the outside of the path that runners use and it’s mostly flat – more inclines than hills!

The others were faster than me (we were running at effort level 11-12 – still able to chat) but thankfully Gray was taking it easy as he’d hurt his toe so we had a good natter at the back and watched the others and discussed their form – always interesting to see

The route was less than 3 miles and my calves were really feeling it at the end, but after a good stretch in the gym and continual foot flexing in the night I’m very happy that they’re doing ok today.


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