Rally Driving!!! My new career??

OMG I went rally driving at the weekend, it was AMAZING

Way back before Christmas an old school friend and I were meant to be doing this, but the track was flooded so it was rescheduled to the most beautifully sunny day (Saturday)

We got it as a Groupon deal – 10 laps in a car and 1 ‘hot’ lap with a proper driver at Langley Park Rally School nr Saffron Walden

Rally School
Rally School


I can’t begin to share how much fun it was or how friendly the team there are, but the fact I can’t wait to go back should be some kind of recommendation

It was a boiling hot day and the cars have no such luxury as blowers or aircon so you were sat in an oven, but once the engine was started and you headed off down the course there was nothing to think about other than listening to the instructor, trying (and failing) to control my whoops of excitement and wishing the whole thing would last longer.

Getting a jump start
Getting a jump start

We got to do 2 sets of 5 laps, there was a group of people doing it, my friend and I were the only women driving – once we’d started the other women – wives, girlfriends etc – were all a little bit jealous! Everyone was lovely and friendly and the afternoon passed too quickly

After we’d all done our laps, it was time for the ‘hot’ laps – at this point of the day this was a very apt term, the instructors were melting in the cars, but that did not stop them from showing us how it was done and we finally got to see how the course was meant to be driven!!


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