Shoes, Aches and Ganglion update

Jel will be pleased to hear that I actually do ache today!!!! I was leaving breakfast with Nikki and was mimicking putting on a rucksack while lying on a bed (don’t ask) and realised my abs ache!! As do my calves, but I think that’s due to PTing in my Vivos for the first time yesterday…..

As I posted yesterday vivo were having a 4th of July offer, I’ve been hankering after some of their walking boots for a while – they’re super light compared to ‘normal’ boots and also made by my new favorite-ist shoe maker! So I wandered down to the Vivobarefoot shop in Covent Garden after work to try some on and of course all the other pretty shoes caught my eye….

Hopped on the tube home and popped to the pub to ‘borrow’ some wifi – did a quick bit of shopping and now have 2 pairs of new shoes winging their way to me……. Roll on Monday

Road shoes
Road shoes
New boots!!
New boots!!

And finally ganglion update – I share an office with 3 rheumatologists and they looked at it when I first noticed it and told me not to worry, but now there’s a baby one appeared on my hand too and after a doctorly huddle they’ve decided I should go for an ultrasound to check them out – something to look forward to on Monday too!!!

Have a good weekend everyone


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