PT in the Park and a trip to Wembley

This week is flying by, in fact this year is – how is it July already?

Monday morning I had the most exciting email pop into my inbox – a message from Nikki – did I want to go see Robbie Williams tomorrow night at Wembley Stadium? Er, hello? She did not expect the level of excitement she unleashed, my answer was a resounding YES!!!!!

So Tuesday we both left work early (about 30mins early – that’s how crazy we are) and headed North. After a brief stop on Finchley Road for a Nandos – such a treat!! We arrived at Wembley Park station and there it was, the stadium – I’ve only been to the Arena before

Hello Mr Williams
Hello Mr Williams

The concert was amazing, nothing less than I’d expected, slightly emotional due to some recent personal stuff going on (for Nikki, not me, but I had a good cry on her behalf….. ), but a brilliant night out, if only Wembley wasn’t so far away from home – I got back at 12.30 and Nikki not long after – both very late for a school night!

This morning was PT with Jel, and I decided I was going to be brave and wear my vivos, seems silly to be wearing them for everything but PT with him….. but he is still on his mission to make me ache so we’ll have to see how I am in the morning. It seems in this process (the Jel thing not my choice of shoes) though I may be losing Nikki as a friend – while we were sprinting up a hill for the second or third time, she asked why I wasn’t aching when she was and said it was all my fault…… I’m sorry Nikki, but I promised I’d fib when I blogged about it and tell Jel that I ache LOADS and so hopefully he’ll dial down the mean-ness…..

Today was the quickest PT session I can remember, I could have sworn we were only half way through by the time Jel said it was time to stretch – I thought he was joking!

We’d done a warm up around the basketball courts, then some step ups and sit-down-stand-ups and jump squats, then went over to the hill and did sets of 20/15/10 lying down and raising and lowering legs, toe touches, sit ups and a running down the hill and back up. Along with some sprinting up the hill (one time chasing another poor lady to the top), pulling Jel up the hill running forwards and then backwards and probably some other stuff and then that was it – 1 hour gone in a flash


(Nikki I think that that will trick him x)


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