I blame my job

Well, I have been terrible at posting recently……

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, when I say new job, I’ve taken on a new role that was someone’s entire job while still doing my current one. So I’m a bit busy…… not even had time to read blogs let alone write anything…. I’m loving it, but I’ve missed chatting with everyone – feel like I’ve been missing out – what have you been up to?

I’m going to try and write at least once a week, which at the minute is as much as I’ve been exercising….. again, I’m blaming my job(s)

Last week my exercise was a Jel session with added Nikki!!

As with the week before Jel was on a mission – the session was all legs with a spot of abs and even less arms – it was a killer – sprinting up and down the hill is mostly what I remember with a nasty thing called the drunken walk or drunk legs on the way back up the hill to the end (something to do with them being turned to jelly was the general idea)…… 15 squats, 15 squat jumps, 15 pulses in the squat position and 20 seconds static in the squat position, then move a few metres and repeat with 12 and then 10 – that’s what I remember – it was horrible….. The stretching was good though!!

My other bit of unofficial exercise came in the form of dog sitting for the weekend – I love dogs and Harry is one of the cutest and friendliest around

See, super cute!
See, super cute!

We spent 2 hours in the park playing tennis ball – he doesn’t quite get it, so it involves 2 balls used in rotation, but it wore him out and that was the main thing!!

And nothing to do with exercise, actually a tenuous link – went and met up with some of the Tough Mudder guys last week, came out of the tube and saw this – know where it is??

Where am I??
Where am I??

10 thoughts on “I blame my job

  1. Good on you for fitting in time to post again. It`s HARD when our worlds get too frenetic. Try and keep the exercise going above all else-it will make everything else seems easier and keep your fitness up too.
    With that said, taking a break-from jogging, blogging and anything else-can do more good than harm.


  2. Someone described writing to me recently as a discipline you have to do rather like exercise – if you’re doing it regularly, it makes it easier to just get on with it? Having said that, I’m contemplating another afternoon on the sofa doing neither…


    1. How is that sofa?

      It’s true, once you’re out of the habit it’s hard to get back in to – but not having the internet at home really is an issue now I’m actually busy at work!!


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