PT in Finsbury Park

Jel reads my blog (hello Jel!!) and when I mention not aching/not aching enough on here apparently he sees that as a challenge……

So this leaves me in a dilemma, do I pretend on here that I’m aching loads after this morning’s session or disappoint him by saying that I don’t?

Either way I have cursed myself (and Nikki – sorry) to the kind of sessions I hate.

I mentioned, while we were stretching…. that my next 2 challenges are v hilly half marathons…… I know this will take me away from the fun stuff of upper body strength training we did for Tough Mudder and towards horrible running/jumping up steps and doing step ups that we’ve done in the past getting ready to climb mountains (we did some of this this morning, it’s almost like he knew already….. where could he be getting that information from?)

So, yes, Jel was in a determined mood today, but the session flew by.

We did a warm up of running forwards/backwards and sidestepping left/right (always tricky as my L/R aren’t very good – takes a lot of thought at 7:15am). Then I was meant to do some weird lie on my front and swivel round to sitting thing, but it was hurting my elbow (still poorly from TM) and as he didn’t want to be blogged about making me bleed again we moved onto something else!!

The something else was a weird press-up position, twisty, knee bendy thing that was meant to work my abs… these things never do (one day!!) but they were fun!

Then one of my favourite things – boxing 🙂 but as part of a circuit 😦 50 of either jabs/hooks/upper cuts, then running out to cones progressively further away to do 10 squat jummps, back, next cone, 10 squat thrusts, back and out to next cone 10 sit ups then in and out for 10 burpees…. my poor legs – the lactic acid was a killer in the final run back (could have walked quicker). Then out and back to all the cones, then out and back to collect each cone.

Next was a run to the trees and into the ‘Hope Space’ that’s what the park/Jel calls it. Nikki and I have other words to describe it….. It’s a mini amphitheatre with steps to run/jump up and big steps to do step ups on to, tricep dips, inclined press ups etc etc…… oh and also a rail around the top very useful for doing pull ups on.

All of which we did – 15 step ups on each leg, 2 runs up and down the steps, 2 runs going 2 steps at a time and 1 time jumped 2 footed onto each step, then dips, press ups, up round and down the stairs, up again and just enough time for pull ups to failure…. which when Jel is helping turns out to be quite a lot.

The only brightness in this was that there was 2p at the top of the stairs, but guess who had the energy to pick it up before I did?? It’s now hidden for someone else to find!!

Then I had a lovely stretch on a patch of clover only to be bitten on the hand by an evil FP bug – grrrrrr

We’re booked in for same time, same place next week and already looking forward to it!!


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