Download festival

Tough Mudder proved to be an unexpectedly tiring experience (maybe coupling it with some partying didn’t help)

But, a trip to my first ever festival had been arranged for ages!

Download didn’t necessarily feature my most favourite bands, but as I was discover a lot of the enjoyment comes from seeing bands live.

Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein were headlining over the 3 nights. Of these 3 it was only Iron Maiden that I was confident of enjoying, the other 2 were a bit GRRRRRRRRRRRRR for my liking. But seeing them live and the effort put into their stage shows completely changed my mind about them.

We saw so many other bands over the course of the weekend, but my diamond find was Stone Sour – a side project of Slipknot’s lead singer – far more my cup of tea – more melodic and less grrrrrrrr

Was gutted to discover that I’d missed Europe of ‘the final countdown’ fame, but did get to see Limp Bizkit and Rollin’ – brilliant

Also managed to invent some new songs for the bands – Slipknot got ‘cider, tiger, roar’ and Iron Maiden has a song that states that ‘there’s a time to live, a time to die, a time to be Jamaican’……

Amazing experience – was anyone else there?


11 thoughts on “Download festival

  1. Slipknot put on a great live show. I’m a fan of the band, but even if you’re not, there are worth a watch for the energy and stage presence they have.

    And yes, Stone Sour are an amazing band, definitely worth a listen.


      1. Maybe, some of Slipknot’s earlier stuff is a lot heavier, but they do have a few “Stone Sour” songs of their own. Try to see if you can find the song “Snuff” by Slipknot, it might surprise you.

        Stone Sour are an amazing band, it’s amazing how Corey can change his vocal style so much.


      2. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, was like he was a completely different guy – stone sour had a massive crowd compared to the band that came afterwards – they were great, would love to go see them again, but not touring any time soon


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