PT in the park – 2 days post TM

What were we thinking? Due to other plans the only day Nikki and I could train with Jel was Tuesday.

Proved to be a bit of a mistake, or at least I think Jel regretted it! We were still, not necessarily aching, but suffering from tired muscles that when asked to do the exercises Jel was requesting were screaming no……

Normally Nikki and I moan a bit when Jel trains us, but this wasn’t funny, proper unable to do what he was asking from both of us. I get the impression that he tried to push us, realised it wasn’t happening and we moved onto something else!

The something else at one point did involved me in the press up position (should have been plank but my elbow was too sore) with Nikki laying between my legs – the idea? Lift my legs and do a chest press……. Jel demonstrated this on me after we negotiated where he was going to hold my legs so that he didn’t hit my bruises! Unfortunately he demonstrated with no warning – I collapsed into a heap, making my elbow bleed again – I wasn’t ready, I needed a 1 2 3! With a little assistance we both eventually managed it, but there was so much laughter at the bizarreness of it!

But between us all we got through the session – always so much fun – Jel does put up with a lot from the moaning we do, but this week we really meant it!!


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