Tough Mudder – the night before

What an amazing weekend it was.

I left work, rushed home, packed and headed to Arnos Grove to meet my friends who were driving to Southampton and kind enough to give me a lift – Al who was TMing and Helen who was official cheerleader and photographer.

Armed with many printouts of versions of how to get there we set off……. Some how I was in charge of navigation, never a good thing and we soon resorted to Mrs Sat Nav.

Helen made the mistake of checking us in on Facebook on the north circular and so this became her job for the journey – check in on every road. Al’s job was the driving!

Considering it was Friday night we made great time down to Southampton and were there only about 30 minutes after Nikki had arrived – my room mate for the weekend.

Needs must and we were starving so headed out to find food. Our choices were fairly limited – a 1 hour wait for TGI Fridays or 20minutes for Frankie and Bennies – 20 minutes it was…..

Despite all our plans of not drinking, it being the night before TM, everyone had had a trying week and we’d all just received some bad news, so wine was ordered!

The news? James, the friend of Nikki’s that had organised everything and got us to enter TM in the first place, had had an accident while cycling home and was in hospital, conscious, but that’s all we knew. Thankfully as the evening progressed we found out he was ok, he remembers nothing of the accident, just waking in an ambulance with a broken elbow and boo-boos on his knees – thank goodness for helmet and gloves. But clearly TM was a no go and everyone was gutted.

The food in F&B was yummy and v filling (I couldn’t face dessert and that’s v rare for me!) but we did manage another 2 bottles of wine between 3 of us, although another friend Mhairi turned up to help us with the last one!

We headed back to the hotel and bumped into ‘the boys’ all long term friends of James and we were ‘persuaded’ into another drink. Then a photo of James appeared on fb and much abuse was thrown in his direction for the extreme measures he’d taken to avoid TM and how should at least man-up and come and support us all – after all it was only down to him that we were there!

Wine drunk, the lovely hotel staff (Ibis, rooms a bit tired, but staff lovely) called time on the bar and we were about to head to bed when it was members there were team tops to collect! Much excitement as we picked them up and stencilled our names on the back!

Then it was time for bed – not a perfect night of preparation for an 11.5 mile obstacle course, but it was fun!


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