Chi running club and Cycling and Tough Mudder

So as you may have noticed from my post on Wednesday I enjoyed my gym session!

Gray let me tag along to the studio part of the running club, we worked on posture, arms and the arm swing.

I’ve always had issues with keeping my shoulders still while running, I tend to swing them a bit like Status Quo just not quite so pronounced….. We did a lovely exercise to open up the shoulders involving lying down and making ‘snow angels’ with our arms – we could have done that for real a few months ago.

While they went out for a run, I got my ipad and watched the last in the series of Dr Who – it was a good one – while having a 50 minute cycle. Time does fly by, I might cycle more often even once my calf is all better.

I am hoping that my calf is all better….. as this weekend is the long awaited TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!!!

There’s a group of at least 10 of us doing it, I’ve spent the week making plans/worrying/panicking/getting excited with Nikki and Al – have to be at Al’s for 5:30 this afternoon, not ready, we were in the pub last night drinking beer and coming 2nd in the pub quiz……

Am going to take Lehorse’s ( advice and stock up on Coke to drink to try and not have a repeat of Mad Monk…..

My office mate asked me what I am up to at the weekend so I showed him the little promo for Tough Mudder and got excited all over again!!

Tough Mudder - less than 24 hours to go!
Tough Mudder – less than 24 hours to go!

In case anyone would like to donate some money towards we dicing with death (we have to sign a death waiver before we’d allowed on the course…..) then I would be very grateful

Hope to be writing again after tomorrow at 2:15 and that the waiver isn’t needed!!!


4 thoughts on “Chi running club and Cycling and Tough Mudder

  1. Wow.. can’t believe you are doing Tough Mudder.. I am such a wuss! Kudos to you and I hope you enjoy it – bet you’ll be signing up for the next one afterwards! Can’t wait to read your re-cap.


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