PT in the park!

Jel texted on Monday night to say he was free to train myself and Nikki in the morning – we knew it would be a last minute call with his filming commitments and the lovely George.

Have just spent an unnecessary amount of time looking for a suitable photo.......
Have just spent an unnecessary amount of time looking for a suitable photo…….

Sadly Nikki was far away in South London and the thought of getting up at 5am to be able to train was not one that appealed.

So it was just me and Jel – another warning that I couldn’t run, and after my non-achiness of last week he’d promised to work me until I couldn’t move – a fun morning was to be ahead!

It was a hard session and it flew by! And it was first session wearing my vivos

The Stone Roses are playing in Finsbury Park at the weekend and they’re already setting up the stage, so we took kettlebells, trx, dumbells, gloves and pads out and set ourselves up in front of the stage.

I think Jel had too much fun in the session as we only ended up using the kettlebells…… and my T shirt.

The session (what I can remember of it) seemed to involve a lot of crawling around on the floor – bear crawl, all that kind of stuff – made my shoulders hurt! Kettlebells, sit ups and tricep dips on the kettlebells.

The plank was in there somewhere too as was lifting the KB above my head – I was scaring Jel as I had my eyes shut with the effort and he was worried I was going to smash my face with the handle!

We finished with a mega press up session – press ups till failure….. I was going pretty well and then Jel asked if he could use my discarded T-shirt, in pain and focussing on not collapsing, said yes without a thought for the consequences….. suddenly the T-shirt was around my waist and Jel was ‘assisting’ me with my press ups going faster and faster until all that was happening was he was lifting me up and my arms were merely there to stop me falling to the floor, eventually the trauma was over….. then it was just 10 more…. those were the hardest 10 press ups ever, too much lactic acid in there for my arms to want to move, eventually I got through them, collapsed onto the grass and thankfully it was time to stretch……

It was such a lovely morning I could have laid there forever, but we stretched and did some mega high 5s and it was all over for another week!


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