Gym cardio boredom solved!

I hate doing cardio in the gym, I get too hot and it’s boring – the scenery doesn’t change!

But, with Tough Mudder on Saturday, a workout was needed despite my calf still hurting – running is out (I accidentlly had a bit of a run in my bat costume – mistake) but Nikki had stiff calves and said that cycling had helped hers…..

I also don’t like cycling that much as I find it really uncomfortable….. but, much to my excitement, I remembered that the gym has a recumbent bike – so much better than a proper sit up one!!

Sadly there was someone on the recumbent bike when I arrived, she was reading her Kindle….. but this did mean I had a flash of inspiration – I had my ipad and unwatched episodes of Dr Who to distract myself from the discomfort and boredom of cycling.

A scary Dr Who episode
A scary Dr Who episode

It did take me a while to sort my feet/pedals out – turns out barefoot shoes and the holding your feet in clips were not designed to go together!

Thankfully after 10 minutes she moved and I swooped in for a comfier seating position and cycled up and down hills until the episode was over!

Wednesday will be a cycle with ‘The Name of the Doctor’ – almost looking forward to it……


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