Friday disappointment

Despite all my efforts yesterday with Jel and my workout in the gym on Wednesday, I don’t ache… apart from my calf which is still painful

How can this be? Nikki thinks it’s because I’ve not been working hard enough, but I hope that Jel will attest that I worked hard yesterday morning! Or we stretched all the aches out – again unlikely lactic acid doesn’t disappear with stretching…..

Either way, I’ve made Jel promise he’ll work me so hard I won’t be able to move after my next session, he has taken up the challenge…. not sure how Nikki will feel about this deal!

The weekend is within touching distance, time for another trip to the gym, was meant to be going to running club on Sunday, but I think I won’t be allowed to join in by Gray on order to rest my calf…..

I will also be back in my bat onesie

Can't wait to wear this again!
Can’t wait to wear this again!

for the Bat Festival at the Natural History Museum (where I volunteer, Not just random dressing up…)

If you’re passing – come say hello – it’s free and as well as me in a bat suit there will be actual real life bats there (and cake)


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