Wednesday – gym and chi running club

I think I’m going to be expelled from the chi running club……

I finished work in plenty of time to go to the gym and continue my quest for mega upper body strength in the next 2 weeks in time for Tough Mudder……

I’m also on a mission to transition from my clunky running shoes into my lovely vivos – so far I’ve been taking it slowly and doing 5 minutes at a gentle pace in them as a warm up in the gym. I’ve been walking around in them since before the marathon so my feet/calves have got pretty used to them, but today I got a niggle in my right calf/achilles so stopped after 4:30mins and stretched it out – it felt fine so off I went to give my arms a workout

Kettlebells, medicine ball, burpees, pull ups and general arms work later I had a little rest and bumped into someone from the Chi running club (who’s just got a brilliant PB on her half marathon in Edinburgh) and we had a natter while waiting for Gray

We did more kettlebell work as a warm up – using the principles of chi running as a postural basis for our ‘swing’ and also where the power for the swing comes from – the core not the extremities

We headed out to do our run with me working at a ‘can still chat but on the edge of not so much’ pace and Nerys was held back at my pace (probably where she feels like she may as well walk!) the idea of that is she has time to really focus on technique. We had a lovely run out from Finsbury Park up to Clissold Park, around the woodchip path they have there and back to FP.

Nerys got attacked by a passing bush and then my calf decided enough was enough, tightened up and I limped to a halt in quite a bit of pain, the others were lovely and walked with me while I hobbled back to the gym where we had a foam roller/pressure/trigger point session – mostly me trying to get into the postitions they were telling me and wimpering in pain!

Why am I getting expelled? Chi running is meant to help you remain injury free….. But, I think this incident may be down to me running in my vivos and then swapping back and running in my clunky shoes – really cross with myself for picking up yet another injury 😦

On a different note – does anyone know what this plant is called?


What's this??
What’s this??

It’s giving Gray terrible hayfever!


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