PT in the park with Jel

I phoned Jel as I limped home from the gym on Wednesday night to warn him that I almost certainly wasn’t going to be able to run in the morning, but still wanted to train with him, he said he’d get the trx and kettlebells and things out of the garage in preparation!

As ever when I train with him but without Nikki we treated ourselves to an extra 15min sleep and a 7:30 rather than 7:15am start – it feels like such a treat!!

When he realised I really wasn’t joking about the limping and just walking was painful squats and lunges also went out the window (or would have done if there was a window – not many in the park! ha ha)

We spent a brilliant hour with the promised 8 and 10kg kettlebells and trx with some 6kg dumbbells and boxing thrown in for good measure. He pushed me hard in an effort to make Tough Mudder feel like Fluffy Mudder and I rapidly shed my layers until it was just my t shirt left and my arms were screaming for the workout to end!

Not sure if I can say or not (so don’t go telling everyone), but he’s currently an extra in a new George Clooney film – he’s been an extra before in War Horse, Captain America, Jack the Giant Killer to name those I can remember!! Currently the lovely George is in charge of his haircut and the amount of stubble he’s allowed! All very exciting as he received some personal direction from the man himself yesterday. Unfortunately his filming schedule interferes with our ability to train with him, my suggestion that George could join us Jel thinks won’t really work…. so for next week we’re on call for PT at any time!

Tough Mudder - less than 2 weeks to go!
Tough Mudder – less than 2 weeks to go!

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