I have been lazy

Shockingly lazy!

I had great plans for last week and the weekend – going to my gym’s birthday didn’t happen, instead I spent it on Oxford Street buying baby stuff for my work friend who left on Friday to have her baby….. I have no children, no experience of really buying baby stuff en mass, but we’d had a sizable collection and it was my responsibility to spend wisely….. and spend I did, baby stuff is so cute!!

The weekend was spent at my b/f parents house cat sitting. They live next by the South Downs and my intention was to run up and down there a few times, get some hill training in….. that didn’t happen either. Instead we spent it lazing in the sunshine, browsing the local book stall and antique/junk shops, hunting for adders, rabbits, cows

Bunny Rabbit
Bunny Rabbit
Rabbit hidy hole
Rabbit hidy hole

at the RSPB, no exciting birds but we did find a birds nest during the adder hunt

Random birds nest
Random birds nest

looking at the hills, playing with the cats and generally having a lovely time!


Hope everyone else had a lovely bank holiday weekend too, Emma



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