PT and Running Club – what was I thinking??

In a sneaky effort to make myself go for a run I’d decided to go to Chi-running club tonight and by telling Gray of my intentions I couldn’t not go…..

Then Nikki’s social life meant she couldn’t train on Friday morning, so our session with Jel was moved to Wednesday….. How sensible a decision this was I’m not sure!

PT in the park with Jel was not my funnest session ever, we had to do a massive circuit that took forever, I’d much rather do several smaller ones, especially as this was nicknamed ‘the finisher’ by Jel.

The finisher……
A square of cones with 5 cones down each side. We had run a circuit of the square every time we reached a corner, do an exercise to move between the cones and 6 reps of something at each cone

the finisher - I felt it needed a diagram!
the finisher – I felt it needed a diagram!

*seal drag – press up position, but front of feet flat on floor and drag your body along using your arms… making seal noises does not help….

And I’d like to add the ‘the finisher’ was only the start of the session!!!!

As ever the rest is a blur, lots of leg stuff and some abs to finish – just what you need the morning before an evening running club!

But, come 7pm there I was in the gym ready for a run. Our studio session tonight was a quick recap of breathing, followed by a tabata session – squats, lunges, plank, squats, lunges, burpees…… Had Gray and Jel joined forces to wipe me out???

We then headed out for a run, and it was a lovely evening with the sun low in the sky, a lap of Finsbury Park and then a run along the Parkland walk – I’d not been along there since the marathon and how it’s changed – it’s like Spring has arrived – the trees are so green, everything has grown, the path is now half as wide as it was with all the greenery!!

Was a good run – 5 miles!! The furthest I’ve gone since the marathon (Mad Monk doesn’t count with all the obstacles and swimming in the way!)


2 thoughts on “PT and Running Club – what was I thinking??

  1. finsburyparkanne

    I think I saw you doing the finisher, with a man shouting “NO STANDING STILL REDS OR YOU EARN THE TEAM EXTRA REPS” Very scary!


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