Tough Mudder training

TM training

Jel had warned us he was not going to be his normal self for our training session. 4 of our TM team made it to training, there were some missing at a wedding, others out of town, but there was one noticeable absence, something to do with a puncture apparently……
So myself, Nikki, Al and Mhairi met at my house and all were unusually nervous as to what lay ahead. Al knows Jel from BMF, Nikki and I train with him all the time, Mhairi is über fit, none of us had a real reason to be nervous!
We arrived in the park and Jel leapt out of his van to greet us…… He was very excited and that’s never a good sign….. Especially when he then told us his watch wasn’t working (I knew then we weren’t getting just the hour we’d asked for, but no one else twigged!)

We had to get ash poles and car tyres out of the lock up, put the tyres on the poles and off we went!

My memory for all my training sessions is never good, but this has been blocked out! There was a lot of running, he’d found a ‘nice’ triangle of grass for us to run around in between exercises, a good hill to run down and then up backwards, there was squatting, piggy backing, press ups, squat thrusts, diving under the ash poles and jumping over, using the poles and tyres as weights….. That’s all I can remember…..

We drew a lot of attention to ourselves, sunny day, people wondering what on earth was going on, were we alright? We told people we were been held under duress and to rescue us, but no one came to our help…..

We didn’t stop, Mhairi is super speedy at running thought that by getting back first from her runs she’d get a break waiting for the rest of us to return, oh no! She discovered that it just meant she got to do more reps of everything we did!!! We were allowed a water break and a quick rest from ab work to play with a puppy! We decided that was the one and only fun bit of the session…..

Knowing Jel and the usual stretching area it was a great relief when we started heading that way…… And when we arrived it was almost too much effort to drop to the floor and lie there!

We’d definitely done more than 1 hour….. One and a half hours and we’d not even stretched! Nikki was so cross that we’d been ‘tricked’ into working out for that long, all I could do was laugh that she’d not worked it out sooner! Jel’s always moaned that an hour is never long enough and how it’s a shame we have to rush off to work…… Finally he’d had his chance to work us super hard and oh my goodness he took it!

We had a post-workout photo taken, I’m as red as the top I was wearing.

We all worked so hard and Jel was proud of how much we’d pushed ourselves, we’ve mostly forgiven him for his lack of timekeeping skills……


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