New gym program – post-marathon TM training

Having cancelled my time last week as I was still ill I finally got to catch up with Simon from my gym who had come up with a plan to help build my upper body strength.

This is one of the many reasons I love my gym, they offer free monthly program reviews and I’ve taken advantage of them many times, when I was injured with my Achilles, coming back from my broken arm we did loads of strengthening stuff, abs program and now upper body!

Simon has amazing strength, he does pull ups for fun with one hand or just 1 finger. We’d chatted before about TM and was made aware of my lack of strength when he suggested I did some pull ups and I showed him how many I could do – precisely none! But at least he knew what baseline we were starting from….

So I now have a really fun set of exercises that I can do, well, attempt to do! There’s one doing press ups holding the handles of a medicine ball…. If I try and get my chest all the way down, I can’t get back up, so one to work on!!

But it’s good to have a mix of things I can and can’t do, will be interested to see how quickly or slowly my strength builds……..

Oh and I did my first proper 5mins on the treadmill in my vivos – all ok so far!


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